Natalee Corbett
Songwriter/ Keyboard player/ Lyricist / Arranger/ Singer

Natalee Corbett infuses classic songwriting skills with current production, resulting in potent, catchy, memorable pop songs. With a background in writing for radio plays, working for record labels in the UK, USA and Europe, as a writer/singer in the  dance music industry, writing music for advertising, as a session vocalist and live band singer, she has now refocused her career on Pop songwriting for other artists.  Her latest track 'Happen' released 5th November 2022 is reminiscent of the golden era of 80's pop, with a great energy and current sensibilities, while perfectly placed in the current crop of top ten releases.
A few words about Natalee.

Born and bred in London Natalee Corbett, a prolific songwriter, was brought up on a background of Pop, Jazz and Classical music. Her father, Sonny Corbett was the Trumpet player for Manfred Mann Chapter  three so perhaps unsurprisingly, Natalee followed in his footsteps, working as a singer across multiple genres. She was trained on classical piano and has performed as a singer at prestigious venues such as Ronnie Scotts and the Tate Modern. She writes and sings across multiple genres and has several songs in production with esteemed musician and producer Niko Tsonev.  

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